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The Bass Revolution continues, despite the pandemic!

Probably all of us imagined the past year completely different and have tied our expectations on what we were used to. We were looking forward to new things and the moments we would share with each other as usual in the dark nights of our cities all over this planet.

Now it is like it is, you know what we are writing about here. Still Important for us as a crew is to be connected with you, to bring the dark drum & bass forward and to enrich our movement with music and messages. So we started in July 2020, our long planned and monthly podcast
„Bass Forward The Revolution Cast“. Hereby we offer dark drum & bass musicians* around the world a kind of platform to bring you closer to their music and to bring artists* and drum & bass heads together. Since we can‘t do any events at the moment, this new project is a conviction but also a protest to all those who don‘t want to hear us. We are many and we will not stop sharing and celebrating our music.

What else is going to happen to us?
As long as we can‘t do events like you are used to us, we will continue our program audiovisually. On April 30, we will stream again as
“Bass Forward The Revolution TV“
, to dance together with you into May and freak out to the darkside of drum & bass!

April 30, 2021 – 21h GMT +2:

Stay heavy & wild!

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