☢ We Have Won: 31 July – Kultursommer Hamburg 2021 at Gängeviertel! ☢

We are very happy to announce that after more than 1.5 years, we can continue as an event series!

Together with the Gängeviertel, we have won the ‚Kultursommer Hamburg 2021′ with our programme, which is one of several more in a multi-week cultural summer journey in the Gängeviertel. We are very pleased that the jury has chosen this place of alternative necessity. Our line-up is still top secret, but we will announce it next week.

One of our wishes is finally coming true, that we will celebrate the dark side of drum & bass with you again. Bass Forward The Revolution has now been around for one decade and we have never taken it for granted, but through 2020, we‘ve had to realise that what many dismiss as „it’s not that important“ is suddenly felt to be important to many more people – more important than ever.

We don‘t know yet how long it will be like this in terms of relaxation, but one thing is clear:
on 31 July it will be brutal!

☢ Hygiene and protection concept
☢ limited number of guests
☢ Without dance ban

Start: 4:30 pm – 1o pm
Location: Big stage – Brache / Gängeviertel (Outdoor)

More Infos coming soon!

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